Shipping Report


Now that Spring is in Full Swing, we are able to ship most packages with no difficulty. It's starting to get warm in a few places, so we are being careful and adding ice packs to some orders. The ice packs don't stay frozen for the whole trip, but get your wine safely through the hottest part of the journey. 

Our sincere apologies, but we cannot ship to Pennsylvania. The laws are too uncertain. As a retailer, PA does not allow us to ship wines to its residents. This is, however, in conflict with a Supreme Court ruling from June, 2019. We appreciate your understanding and if you are willing, reach out to your legislators to let them know what you think.

In the summer, warm weather makes shipping to many parts of the United States very difficult. We have been saying this for years, but wine gets very, very angry when it is shipped in the heat, sometimes leaping out of the bottle. 

Very cold weather is a bit easier to deal with, but is still challenging. We know that wine will freeze at around 20ºF (-9ºC). Exposure to cold temperatures won't hurt the wine, but will probably promote the formation of calcium tartrate.

If delivery of your order is time sensitive, please call us at 323.269.9463 or e-mail us. We can discuss arrangements to get your wine to its destination.