About Us

Our entry into the wine business seemed accidental, but really it was a slow progression. 

Two of the founders of The Accidental Wine Company, Micah & David, had been consuming wines for years. Much of the wine was from California, as it is natural to reach for what is close. In 2005, David formed a friendship with a special candy-maker who also knew a few things about wine. His family was a major importer and distributor of wine, beer and spirits. Before long, he was sharing his secret stash of wines with blemished labels. We were hooked by the low prices and international variety.

But alas, one day the candy-maker was gone. Just like that, his factory was sold and the wine disappeared. No more treasure hunt for fabulous wines, and no more wonderful prices. Aaaah... but that changed over a meal (with wine).

Our friend the candy-maker and wine seller was no longer a chocolate maker, but had a lot of wine, with more arriving every day, and no place from which to sell his wines with blemished labels. So, over lunch and a bottle of his fine wine, he decided to sell his wine to us and we decided to sell it on the Internet to all of our friends. And, Lo and Behold there was the Accident, or at least Accidental Wine Company.

A daunting venture for anyone, for sure. Our Master Imbiber, Janice, really got the adventure started, by getting everything organized and cracking the whip. Kelly, daughter of David and sister to Micah, joined the fray. And just as things got rolling, they changed.

Where once there were many stained labels, there suddenly were none. We began to search high and low for other sources, but they were few and far between. Along the way, we realized something even better: The wine world is a very big place. 

Suddenly we had access to all sorts of wines from all sorts of places. Big, bold wines. Fine, delicate wines. Wines for before, during and after meals. Grand wines, noble grapes, history and tradition where everywhere we looked. No longer guided only by the condition of a label, we were able to acquire delicious wines from anywhere and everywhere. They had only one main requirement: deliciousness. 

And now, since 2007, we have been tasting, choosing and sharing fantastic wines from a basement warehouse in Los Angeles, California. 

And we love it.