A Change in Shipping Rates Posted on 18 Mar 13:34 , 0 comments

As of 3/18, we have updated our shipping rates. All shipments will have a flat shipping cost of $19.99 per shipment.

Why the change? 
We have subsidized shipping for many, many years. Wine is temperature sensitive and wine bottles are glass and heavy, with each bottle weighing about 3.3 lbs. We learned long ago that shipping costs are a barrier to wine sales and have done our best to negotiate with Fedex to keep costs low and deliveries reliable. 

Fuel and labor costs continue to rise and that pressure gets passed from our carriers and shipping materials suppliers to us and then down to our customers. We are still subsidizing shipping, in an effort to encourage wine sales, but the model needed to change in order to be more workable. 

Thank you for understanding.