The Drinkable Cellar

$ 89.00

Enjoy a wine tasting adventure every month. No driving, shopping, sales people and certainly no retail prices. It’s really a convenient way to try new wines. We will take care of all the hard work, you'll just need to open the bottles.

The Drinkable Cellar Edition is about More. Not dozens, you see, as that would be too much of a good thing. These wines tend to be bigger and skew towards the indulgent. Not for Tuesdays. Wines that often, but not always, need age to reach their full potential. Like people. 

You will have to make some choices here. You may choose 2 or three bottles per month and your ratio or or mixed. Red would mean, naturally, all red wines in your subscription. Mixed typically means 2 red wines and 1 white, but it could also mean sparkling wines, a rosé, sherry, port or dessert wine. If you enjoy only white wines, we have a special subscription, just for you. 

There are no initiation or membership fees. We've done away with an interview process. No references, tax returns or invasive medical testing. There is no need to involve the in-laws and sharing is your decision. Simply provide your address and credit card, followed by a few click-click easy choices. 

We Try To Keep it Elementary
Select one of our subscription options if you want regular, monthly deliveries of Accidental Wines. If monthly isn't often enough, contact us and we can work out a daily regimen. Each month will bring new wines and potential new discoveries.

Advantages of Subscribing:

  • The world at the tip of your tongue.
  • Uncomplicated convenience and shopping
  • No membership fee
  • No long term commitment, just cancel anytime after your initial 3 month order
  • Unusual customer service, good even!
  • It's not an advantage, but Accidental Wine Subscriptions make great gifts

The purchase of any Accidental Wine Subscription includes:

  • 2 or 3 different bottles of wine per month, with no repeats or duplicates
  • Your choice of all red, all whites or a combination
  • Monthly billing of your credit card
  • Taxes & shipping costs will be added where applicable (Typically it is $11 per shipment)
  • Cancel any time via phone or e-mail

An adult signature is required upon delivery, so please keep that in mind when shipping this gift to friends, family and peers.
There is no minimum.
Bottles are in perfect condition.