Bruton Stone R

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The philosophy at Bruton is to re-interpret, in a very personal way, other quality beer styles without exaggerating what makes those other beers so unique and special. Iacopo believes if you can recognize the spice he uses in one of his beers, then he used too much of that spice. Germans are renowned for making beers that lack distinction because they are obligated to adhere to purity laws that date back to the 1600's!

Stone R It is a strong ale with a deep gold colour, produced with a blend of malt barley, wheat and rye and candied sugar added during cooking. Slightly opalescent, with white, persistent and creamy froth. It is strong and full- bodied, but also fresh and fruity, with a dry and persistent final taste, slightly hopped and a well balanced alcohol level. Good for several couplings... best for real thirst.

7.5% Alcohol

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