2021 Cormerais & Branger Muscadet Sevre et Maine

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The Domaine de la Bretonnière is located 15 km south of Nantes, in the Muscadet Sèvre et Maine appellation. The CORMERAIS family has always cultivated vines. This passion has been passed down from generation to generation since the 1890s. It was in 1994 that Bertrand joined Joël, his father at the estate. He maintains and cultivates his vineyard with a concern for a very qualitative and environmentally friendly approach. Bertrand has only one motto: "the quality of wine begins in the vineyard..."

Dutch traders introduced the Melon grape to the region from Burgundy in the 1600s. They wanted grapes for distilling, and the city of Nantes was within ready reach of their boats. An extreme winter in 1709 wiped out the red varieties then locally grown and thereafter Melon came to rule the roost. Today, there are four appellations in the region: the base appellation of Muscadet followed by the three sub-appellations. The Muscadet Sèvre et Maine appellation is the most varied and by far the largest (this AC produces more wine than any other in the Loire Valley). Nowadays, a revolution in quality is taking place. There are wines of revelation made here, wines that are soft yet shockingly vigorous, imbued with scents of bread, lemon freshness, and sea salt minerality—a palette of aromas that in the better renditions follows through with flavor intensity and length. This is wine of the north Atlantic coast, the product of Brittany’s great shelf of granite. Melon de Bourgogne is a white cousin to Gamay, and like Gamay it can be easy, it can be delicious, and it can surprise. For those of you who like white wine that falls on the austere side of the spectrum–and I mean that in the best of senses–wine that favors detailed verticality in place of opulence, then good Muscadet is one of the best white wine values in the world.

France, Loire, Loire-Atlantique
Melon de Bourgogne
12% Alcohol

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