2017 Chateau Croisille Croizillon

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When grown in their historic homeland of Cahors in southwest France, Malbec grapes make wines that are more savory and tart, with firm tannins and a blackberry-like flavor.

In Cahors, Malbec typically is blended with Merlot and Tannat to produce bottlings referred to as the “black wine of Cahors.” But this is a completely varietal rendition of Malbec, allowing the characteristics of the grape to shine through.

Chateau les Croisille is a small, family domain that grows Malbec on the calcareous clay soil terraces of Cahors. Artisan winemaking and a focus on organic principles — with virtually all of the vineyard work done by hand — ensure that the grapes are healthy and the wines are delicious.

The Croisille family built its vineyard from the ground up. Since its inception, the vineyard has expanded to cover a thirty-hectare area (approximately 74 acres). The following details the vineyard’s history. The Beginning In 1979, Bernard and Cecile Croisille moved to Fages, located in the countryside surrounding the tiny town of Luzech. Their sole wealth was their youthful exuberance, a passion for working the land and a dream of building a life around this passion.

They decided to become tenant farmers of a parcel of land that had been left untouched for years. With much perseverance and dedication the couple brought life back to the land. The first few years were difficult - all of their labor and capital were invested in clearing, preparing, planting and maintaining the first 7 hectares (approximately 17 acres) of vines. They patiently awaited the first harvest, as the fruits of their labor were not to come to fruition for several years. Finally in 1984, their first yield was brought to the Parnac winemaking cooperative. Evolution Bernard and Cecile remained passionate about performing the job at hand to the best of their ability. As visionary, driven individuals, they worked continuously to improve their technical expertise. Beginning from zero, they meticulously dedicated themselves to enhancing their cultivating skills and constantly questioned their work in order to propel their vineyard to success.

After ten years of working with the winemaking cooperative, their drive pushed them to part ways and undertake the vinification process independently. This marked the beginning of the following ten-year chapter, during which they discovered and experimented with different winemaking and aging techniques. During this period they worked in association with a neighbouring winemaker and made use of his atelier to complete the vinification process of their superb harvests. Towards the end of the 2000s they ended this association and purchased an old viticulture estate, which they restored themselves and installed their workshop in their newly renovated chai.

The new generation Business took on a new evolution in 2008 when their second son, Germain, officially joined the team. The vineyard expanded and started transitioning toward organic viticulture in 2010. In 2012, Germain’s childhood friend, Nicolas, began working with the Croisilles. Followed by Simon, the youngest of the band of brothers, who joined the team in 2015.

France, Cahors
100% Malbec

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