2016 Nik Weiss Urban Riesling

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The Urban Riesling gets its name from Saint Urban of Langres, the patron saint of vineyard workers and winemakers. Saint Urban was the Bishop of Langres in France until 374 when he was forced to flee due to political turmoil. The story goes that he took refuge in a vineyard where the workers protected him. He subsequently converted them to Christianity and with their help moved discreetly from vineyard to vineyard spreading Christianity among the vineyard workers and winemakers.

Fast forward over 1,600 years and let's see how the wine that bears his name tastes.

The 2016 Nik Weis Urban Riesling begins with a very pleasant aroma full of floral notes, apricots, tangerines and apples. A sip of the wine reveals an explosion of tart, juicy fruit flavors similar to the nose yet tinged with honey. With great acidity and a pleasing mouthfeel, this is an easy to drink wine with great food pairing potential. All in all, it?s pretty straightforward as far as Riesling goes but sure offers a whole lot of flavor for the dollar. It ends very long with a finish of sweet candied fruit.

Germany, Mosel
100% Riesling
9.5% Alcohol

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