2015 Dante Rivetti Moscato d'Asti

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This is a 750ml bottle.

There is an Italian gentleman that comes to visit us from time to time. He has excellent taste in wine and when he splashed this little wonder into glasses, we fell in L-O-V-E. Bright, fruity, sweet, charming, elegant, pretty, engaging. It is an absolute pleasure to drink.

Cultivated for hundreds of years in the Piedmont DOCG in Italy, Moscato bianco is considered one of the oldest grapes grown in that area. Although Moscato has been cultivated and made in the area, modern production of Moscato d?Asti as it is known now began in the 1870s. Made in the frizzante style, Moscato d'asti was the wine that winemakers made for themselves. This low-alcohol wine could be drunk at noontime meals and would not slow down the winemaker or his workers. After the workday was done, the Piemontese tradition of long, multicourse evening meals gave Moscato d'asti the purpose of a digestif that cleansed the palate and stimulated the palate for dessert.

Around the middle of the nineteenth century the Rivetti family moved from Neive to an outlying hamlet named Bricco di Neive, where they still farm their vineyards and make wine today.

DESIGNATION: Moscato d'Asti d.o.c.g.
GRAPE-VARIETY: 100% Moscato Bianco
VINEYARDS: villages of Neive and Costigliole d'Asti in Piedmont, Italy.
FACING: south-west
SOIL: sandy - calcareous

This is a 750ml bottle. Click here for the 375ml bottle.

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