2013 Terlano Sauvignon Quarz

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High up in the Alto Adige, clinging to a cliff wall left behind by an ancient glacier, is the winery Terlano (its own DOC!), home of the award winning Sauvignon Quarz Cantina Terlano. For over 2000 years this region has been producing wine, not only thanks to the mild climate, but also to the particular nature of the soil, quartz porphyry, a mixture of mineral crystal deposits and sandy, porous soil.

The result, which the producer says is transparent as the quartz crystals in Terlanois ripe and full-bodied with robust, but not heavy-handed minerality. It's a marriage of structure and romance, or the cultural consummation of Germanic and Italian collision.

This truly singular wine, produced from the cellar of Terlano (founded in 1893) is made up of tiny plots, hand cut to form terraces in the crystal and rock strewn mountainside. These plots continue up the slopes, reaching heights of over 1000 meters, creating some one of the finest white wine in the world.

Highly aromatic, Quarz has a tremendous bouquet of hyacinth, freshly chopped herbs, lemon peel, grapefruit, ginger and wildflower honey. The terroir presents on both the nose and the palate where rich yet racy apricot, quince and grapefruit flavors are encompassed in underlying notes of bracing chalk, petrol and lime. The finish is very long, lovely and contemplative.

Terrane Sauvignon Quarz is redolent with both soft and vibrant textures, perfectly balanced acidity, and ripe green and citrus fruits, offering a combination of fine texture, depth and salty aftertaste that has given this noble white an international reputation.
- WS 92 points

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