2013 Domaine St Remy Erhart Pinot Gris

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It shouldn't be surprising that an idyllic land filled with mountains, streams, colorful half-timbered homes, green forests and rolling hills is also ideal for growing grapes. The Vosges Mountains stop the rain as it travels across France from the Atlantic, leaving the eastern sideäóîAlsaceäóîto enjoy sunnier days than anywhere else in the country. Having spent the last five hundred years changing nationalities between Germany and France, Alsace embodies the best of both cultures. Nowhere is that more prominent than in the wine, where Germanic varietals are treated with a regal restraint and delicacy that is unmistakably French.

The Erhart family began in making wine 1725, and have increased their property holdings along the way so that they now grow in many parts of Alsace. They began organic farming two generations ago, before it was in style, and nearly all family members work in the vineyard and the winery.

A subtle white that is clean and balanced, with a spicy note that cuts through the notes of apple, apricot, almond and kumquat. A lingering, smokey finish.

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