2013 Breca Breca Garnacha Old Vines

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There are a lot of detalied winery notes for this wine. The quality is amazing, especially for the price.

Mundobriga was the Celt-Iberian ancient city that gave birth to the modern village of Munebrega. The winery is located on the outskirts of the village and the vineyards are nestled in the high altitude valleys between the Sierra de Pardos and the Sierra de Pena Blanca.

Grape Source
The winery owns 265 hectares (654 acres) of old-vine Garnacha vineyards situated high on the hillsides from 950m -1000m (2,850-3,000 ft.) above sea level.

There is a range of soil types throughout the region; however the vineyards are comprised of principally decomposed slate and gravelly red clay soils.

There is very little rainfall in the region around 350 mm (13.7") per year. It is a very dry continental climate. During the growing season there are high daytime temperatures moderated by cool nights due to the high altitude. Winters are cold. The average annual temperature does not exceed 13?C, and frosts are common for almost six months of the year. This, coupled with the dryness of the region, greatly affects production, as these conditions affect first the ground, then the vines, and consequently the wine.

Vineyard Age
Vineyards were planted between 1925 and 1968.

Less than 1 t/acre for the 60 ' 80 year-old vines and less than 0.40 t/acre for the 80 year old vines.

D.O. Calatayud

100% Garnacha Old Vines

The winery owns 265 ha. (654 acres) of old-vine Garnacha vineyards situated high on the hillsides from 950-1000 meters (2,850-3,000 ft.) above sea level. The old-vines vineyards are near the village of Munebrega and were planted from 1925'1968. The vines for this wine in particular were planted between 1925 and 1945. They are located in the valleys between Sierra de Pardos and Sierra de Pena Blanca.

The vines are planted in principally decomposed slate and gravely clay soils. Even though there is very little rainfall in the region, the clay is at a depth that allows for the vines to obtain moisture and to be grown without irrigation.

The grapes are carefully hand selected, choosing only perfectly mature clusters in perfect sanitary conditions, and additional selection made in the winery using a sorting table. The yields are less than 1T/ acre for the old vines.

The wine is aged for 21 months in the finest French oak barrels.

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