2011 Riefle Steinert Pinot Gris GC

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AOC Alsace. Steinert literally refers to the stony nature of the terroir. It lies opposite the Alsace plain, the Rhine and the Black Forest and faces towards the rising sun. The hard, homogeneous, dry and filtering soil sits directly on the oolithic limestone bedrock which is partially visible on the surface. Oolites are small spherical grains, shaped like fish eggs, that were formed on the surface of the rocks by marine microfossils. Wines from the Steinert vineyards are characterized by their powerful structure combined with a subtle finesse and underlying menthol notes.

This Grand Cru Steinert Pinot Gris opens up with an expressive bouquet of zesty yellow fruits such as pineapple and mango. Although smooth in texture, the limestone terroir imparts a fresh and acidic structure which is accentuated by candied notes of quince and fig on the end palate.

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