2011 d'Arenberg Feral Fox Pinot Noir

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The feral foxes that inhabit the Adelaide Hills have developed an appetite for grapes and can often be found eating low hanging bunches during ripening. Unbothered as these bushy tailed critters act as crop thinners, they also serve to enhance the quality of grapes that are too high for them to reach. It also has the secondary effect of providing a natural source of fertilization when the laxative nature of the grapes take effect on the normally carnivorous foxes!

Earthy tones of wild mushroom and truffles are wonderfully countered with lovely, fresh, aromatic notes of musk and flowers, raspberry and kirsch. The palate is fine and balanced, driven forward by a lively line of vibrant acid and ending with that familiar d'Arenberg fine, gritty tannin.

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