2006 Bouchard Beaune Greves L'Enfant Jesus PC

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It is said that Marguerite du Saint Sacrement, the founding Carmelite of the Domestiques de la famili du Saint Enfant Jésus, predicted the birth of the king of France, Louis XIV, although her mother, Anne of Austria was sterile. She turned out to be correct and with the birth of the future Sun King, this exceptional vineyard, which belonged to the Carmelites, took on the name Vigne de L'Enfant Jésus.

In 1791 when all state property was sold to the people, Bouchard Pere et Fils won the bid for the vineyard. It is situated in the heart of the 32 hectares of the Beaune Greves appellation. Today it is owned by the Henriot family and is considered to be the best vineyard in Beaune.

The 2006 Bouchard Beaune Greves L'Enfant Jésus PC has superb fruit and spice aromas with an oaky note. Intense, full and yet delicate on the palate, the wine has a charming, velvety texture. It has very good aging potential.

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