2016 Hexamer Spatburgunder Weissherbst Rose

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Sadly, there are no practitioners of the German language here at TAWC, so it took us a little bit of effort to unpack this wine. 

Hexamer is a winery in the Nahe region of Germany. Spatburgunder mean Pinot Noir (late pinot) and Weissherbst means rosé. So what you have here is a Rosé of Pinot Noir from an area between the Rhine and Mosul valleys. 

Our notes:
This wine arrived rather late for the "traditional" rose season. We tend to drink a lot of rose in the summertime, when a cool wine with some body and acidity is, in our opinion, rather perfect.

It might have been worth the wait. 

Bright and citrusy on the nose, a Goldilocks mouthfeel (not to thin, not too thick), clean-tasting, with citrus and herbal notes. Elusive, fruity hints, leaning towards the fresh type of cranberry relish you sometimes get at Thanksgiving - the one with orange peel and a dash of cognac. Easy and friendly to drink. And that is from a group of people that don't lean towards rosé of Pinot Noir.

From the winery:
More vinous and Pinot-y now, especially in the delayed-action finish. Smells like fresh Sockeye, spearmint and laurel. Richer than the ’14 and more solid than the ’13— what a friend this is turning out to be! 

Germany, Nahe
100% Pinot Noir
11.5% Alcohol

Just so you know, this isn't what the bottle actually looks like. The label is close. It is definitely a rose.

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