2015 Il Bruno dei Vespa Puglia Rosso IGP

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“I’ve always loved wine, its world, its women, and its men, I love it because it’s a living thing. I love to look at and cuddle the grapes’ blossoms, caress its bunches, anxiously wait for the bottling, scrutinize the color as the wine fills the glass, interpret the first aromas, enjoy the exuberance of its youth, the pleasure of its maturity, and the tenderness of its ageing. Wine is life and the men and women who make it have extraordinary stories to tell. For many years now, I’ve been writing many of these stories in my articles, but at a certain point, I gave into my folly; and made a labor of love out of winemaking. Since it takes years for a winery to develop and grow, I also decided to involve my sons Federico and Alessandro in this adventure certain that one day they will take over the Casa, feeling as passionate about it as their father has. This is the reason for the name Futura followed by the year the company was founded. For this adventure I’ve chosen Puglia, a region blessed by God for the wonders nature offers, and I’ve chosen Manduria, in the province of Taranto, very near the Ionian sea, because my friend Riccardo Cotarella, internationally renown enologist who accompanies me with his extraordinary sensitivity, has decided to share his bet with me, that of making a great Primitivo. A deep and drinkable wine, apparently austere, but with a recognizable base of liveliness. A wine suitable for an important dinner but also for a carefree evening with friends. This is why we have chosen the vineyards within the most naturally predisposed area of Manduria in the “Creta” district where the terrain, originally from flood waters, and a favorable micro-climate, guarantee excellent results from 15 year old vines."
- Bruno Vespa

For Primitivo from Puglia, think concentrated, juicy, fruity flavors with modest acidity. Ripe blackberry with spices (clove, black pepper, sometimes cardamom). If you are a fan of Zinfandel, you will most likely enjoy this well-crafted wine. 

100% Primitivo
13% Alcohol
Lots of Love

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