2021 Beurer Trollinger

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We often fall in love with wines like this that are all about the fun. 

Merry, medium-bodied blend of Trollinger, Portugieser, Spätburgunder and Blauer Zweigelt. A chillable, light red wine. Bright red fruit, hint of spice and bramble. Sweet cherry, smoke, strawberry, bubble gum. Easy acidity and a bitter almond thrill on the finish.

"If you know this grape at all, you probably know it by it’s other name Schiava and associate it with northern Italy. But of course all these countries, these man-made constructs, came long after the vines had found their happy places. And Trollinger is very happy here. Germany excels at red wines that taste not unlike the most delicate of northern Italy; we could call this area of Germany “Alto Swabia.” Germany is, in general, a cool-climate country, and so the reds here are vivid, dancing, transparent, aromatic and acid-driven.

Germany, Württemberg
Trollinger, Portugieser, Spätburgunder and Blauer Zweigelt
11.5% Alcohol

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