2015 Capcanes La Nit de Garnaxta Slate

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The viticulture roots date back to the 13th century. Prior to Phylloxera, at the turn of the 19th century, the valleys were very densely planted. After the devastation caused by this insect, many farmers were seduced by the Spanish Industrialization, left the countryside and moved to the big cities. From a former Capçanes population of 2500 people, presently there are 400 left. Only about 1/5th of the original vineyards were replanted, predominantly with Garnacha. Some of those vineyards, approaching 100 years in age, still exist although yields are low

Ground slate; The Licorella rock is formed in a high temperature in a high pressure environment, deep within the earth's crust, becoming laminated during the formation process. The licorella slate is in close contact with the roots. The soil is remarkably acidic.

Intense cherry color; this is a really complex wine with a high mineral taste and balsamic aroma. Smooth and long. Good balance. Slightly rustic in the typical Priorat style.

Spain, Monsanto
100% Grenache

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