2018 Chateau Coutinel Fronton

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Négrette is typically only grown in Fronton, near Toulouse. It produces wines that are powerfully dark with potent tannins and aromas of violets and licorice. Wine has been grown in Fronton since Roman times. The Famille Arbeau have been at it less long...growing grapes and making wine since 1878.

Tasting Notes
Violets of Toulouse (how about that for terrior!), peony, blackcurrant, sour cherry, rich aromas of licorice and vanilla invite themselves in this ample red wine. It is a perfect combination of acidity and silky tannins. Fruit flavored wine with intense aromas and notes of spice. These vines are middle-aged, around 25 years old. This full-bodied wine lingers on the palate - finishing with beautifully integrated oak.

France, Fronton
50% Négrette, 25% Cabernet, 25% Syrah

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