2014 Crocus Malbec L'Atelier

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Crocus is a partnership started in 2009 between internationally renowned winemaker and Malbec specialist Paul Hobbs and Bertrand Vigouroux, whose family has been producing wine in Cahors, France since the 1860s.

Paul’s work with Malbec in Mendoza, Argentina brought worldwide attention to the variety and provided inspiration for new styles to emerge, while the Vigouroux family has 150 years of experience with Malbec in Cahors, where the grape has flourished since Roman times. "Crocus" is named after the flower that produces saffron.

Bright and floral nose, with rose petals, huckleberry pie, black plum skin and a hint of fresh cracked pepper. Expansive, juicy palate with huckleberry, raspberry and black cherry, finishing with a slate-like minerality. Weighty and well-structured, with chewy tannins.

100% Malbec 


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